Do It Yourself the Vintage Photo at FOMU Antwerp, August 6, 2016.

Come to the FoMu and lend a vintage camera! The camera is then yours to experiment, and to capture your museum tour with. Bring the camera back on Sunday morning before 12 ‘o clcok and get your unique photos sent afterwards developed! We are at the Foto Museum Antwerp Waalsekaai 47  from 7pm up to 1am, on August 6, 2016.

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Our Partners
FOMU Antwerp
CityFoto Eindhoven
FUJI Benelux
smartphoto Belgium
JOINE product development
Thomas Dahm graphic design



Our project history

The Vintage Photo, a Crowd sourced visual document of the Dutch Design Week 2014

The 2014 Vintage Photo edition is produced in collaboration with ’T Koffiehuisje at Strijp-S. A selection of the crowd sourced visual document from Dutch Design Weeks ’12 and ’13 is exhibited in this great coffee bar.

On the terrace of ’T Koffiehuisje we are hosting a gorgeously styled Dutch Design Photo booth, which features designers Max Lipsey, Mae Engelgeer, Bertjan Pot, Maarten Baptist, Joost Veldhuizen and the flooring company VESCOM. You can have your vintage portrait taken for only 2 Euro!

Last but not least the famous ‚Vintage Photo Camera Rental Service’! Come and join us, to head out to shoot the most obscure parties, interesting exhibitions and dinner with the family in a small pop-up restaurant on that new design location. The photos will all be compiled on our site – TheVintagePhoto.com – as an informal overview of the week. 15 Euro gets you a day of old-fashioned photo fun. Your photos will be sent to your home shortly after the Dutch Design Week. Come and rent your favourite vintage camera! Reserve a camera here.

Vintage Photo Exhibition
15 SEP – 15 NOV 2014
Selection of the crowd sourced visual document from the Dutch Design Weeks 2012 and 2013.

Dutch Design Souvenir Photo
18 – 26 Oct 2014
With featured designers:
Max Lipsey for Cappellini
Mae Engelgeer produced by ICE
Bertjan Pot for DHPH
Maarten Baptist for JOINE
Joost Veldhuizen for VanJoost

Vintage Photo Camera Rental Service
18 – 26 Oct 2014
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‘t Koffiehuisje (exhibition, souvenir photo, rent & return)
Ketelhuisplein 1, Eindhoven

You Are Here (rent & return)
Kleine Berg 32a, Eindhoven

Maarten Baptist (joine.nl) & Thomas Dahm (dahm.nl)

‘T Koffiehuisje
Eindhovens Dagblad
You Are Here
CityFoto Eindhoven
FUJI Benelux
Drukkerij Wihabo

Graphic Design
Thomas Dahm

The Vintage Photo at FOMU Antwerp


Edition 2013

The vintage Photo, A Crowd sourced visual document of the Dutch Design Week 2013

A shared fascination for old cameras and a love for that anxiety when picking up your holiday pics at the photo shop was our ‘kick up the butt’ to host The Vintage Photo.

During DDW ’13 we, a group of Dutch designers, rent out analogue cameras to the public and serve good-old filter coffee. Together with everyone renting the cameras we will create a crowd sourced visual document of the Dutch Design Week. Every day 100 Vintage Photographers (this could be you!) will head out to shoot the most obscure parties, interesting exhibitions and their dinner with the family at a small pop-up restaurant on that new design location. The photos will all be compiled on TheVintagePhoto.com, as an informal overview of the week. The three locations, the coffee and the food are designed by a host of designers in collaboration with the big names in the industry: MIKO coffee, Gabriel, Vitra, Verotex, Canoof, Lensvelt, Mackelijk, City Foto, Webprint.

For 15 euro you will get a day of old-fashioned photo fun and your photos sent home shortly after Dutch Design Week. Come and rent your favourite vintage camera!

Our Locations
Centaal Station, Stationsplein
Witte dame, Lichtplein
Strijp-S, Ketelhuisplein
Van Abbemuseum, Bilderdijklaan 10

An idea of
Maarten Baptist, JOINE—Office for Design
Thomas Dahm, Graphic Design Studio
Ellen Zoete, Freelance Editor

Product designer Maarten Baptist and graphic designer Thomas Dahm, who have worked together for about eight years, teamed up with freelance editor Ellen Zoete to create an analogue Vintage Photo Experience, as a nine day flashback to their youths.


Our Partners

Gabriel & Dinie van den Heuvel
Fashion designer Dinie van den Heuvel (of Unicform) has paired up with Gabriel to create the costumes for The Vintage Photo’s personell. Gabriel’s ‘Gaja’ cradle2cradle textile contains no harmful substances and can be composted rather than discarded. With a mind set on the future, Unicform specializes in designing and developing sustainable uniform collections with a low environmental footprint. The combination of producer and designer was an instant hit, since they both design for a modern classic! A great collaboration between an upholstery textile producer and a fashion designer who work on The Vintage Photo’s company wear with the smallest possible footprint.

MIKO Coffee & Annelies Hermsen
Miko is our coffee supplier. Their Puro coffee is organic, but also fair trade: the best of both worlds! To embellish the great pure coffee tastes, Annelies Hermsen, the Eindhoven-based food designer who has the amazing capability to be able to work for big industry as well as work for small initiatives such as ours. She has developed four filter coffee flavours that are soaked into the coffee: rosebuds and liquorice based on the tones that are already present in the coffee.
 www.mikocoffee.com
 www.annelieshermsen.nl

VITRA & Jeroen Wand & Max Lipsey
The Bouroullec Brothers Corniches shelves will shine on our container walls, they were contributed by VITRA. To display our selection of Vintage Cameras Jeroen Wand and Max Lipsey have also put their shelf-building thoughts to our wall’s use. Jeroen and Max struck up a conversation reacting on the shelves of VITRA to display the all-important Vintage Photo Cameras. Max, Jeroen and VITRA collaborated to make three different shelving concepts.
 www.vitra.com,
 www.jeroenwand.nl,
 www.lipsmax.net

Foto Academie Eindhoven & van Abbemuseum
During the nine days of Dutch Design Week the students of the Photo Academy Eindhoven will inhabit the Van Abbemuseum. The students and their tutors will experiment with the most extravagant analogue cameras in a live photo studio in one of Van Abbe’s galleries. The Van Abbemuseum makes one of their spaces available where students from the Foto Academie Eindhoven will do photo shoots with people and the hottest new design. Every day the hit picture of the day will be printed on aluminium in limited edition, to be sold at the DDW.

Convinced that the design world could use another type of label: one that achieves to sell quality design products for a reasonable price, buhtiq31 sells its products through its own online channels. Sharing our Design Week location at Ketelhuisplein, they introduce their first Skin collection to the public.

Bakker Houben
The sausage roll is Brabant’s pride and glory. Baker Houben has one of the oldest recipes and makes the original roll. For the Vintage Photo Camera he works on a new vegetarian version of the local delicacy.

City Foto Eindhoven
They will develop all of our analogue photos, they are a dying breed of craftsmen who keep their enthusiasm for their profession alive and share their skill with the public.

As a large online printer they are capable of connecting themselves to our wicked plans. Webprint is responsible for printing and distributing our pictures.

Has contributed their best leather to be worked into the camera straps. The leather comes from Europe. Fashion Designer Dinie van den Heuvel has worked the straps into The Vintage Photo attendants’ gear.

CANOOF.com & Lensvelt
Maarten Baptist and Pauline Lensvelt together realized a range of design products shown in The Vintage Photo’s interiors. Canoof.com is a webshop what sells new, vintage and potential design classics. The chairs and tables outside of our Vintage Photo’s container boxes are for sale at Canoof.com. They also have a store in Breda. Lensvelt will show their new designs which were first presented last April at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. Most products are designed by Studio JOB. The cabinets, buffets and lamps are for sale at Lensvelt.nl.

Maarten Baptist
Maarten Baptist, product designer in his day-job, made a new design specifically for The Vintage Photo. The table’s are 3 meter wide and have a cosy width of only 60 cm. The standard height will be 75 cm, but for the The Vintage Photo displays the height is adjusted. The tables constructed only out of tubes are made from coated aluminium. Have a special look at the supporting legs.

They have made all of our lives much easier by supplying the payment system that works through any iPad system. They developed a payment platform which fits our Vintage photo rental. We accept debit and credit cards. Mackelijk creates full back office support for all your computer questions.

Source Republic
Supported us in developing The Vintage Photo website and advised us about our online marketing strategies. They are a star in online real estate.

Our contributor for herbs, they make your coffee to be a grand experience! Annelies Hermsen did a great job at creating wonderful flavour combinations.

Friesland Campina
They have helped Annelies to make her Milkyway variation of the design coffee.

Baptist ijzerwaren en gereedschappen
Anything to do with tools, wood, power supplies and iron, they took care of our stock! Their professional knowledge helped us majorly by finding solution to get old cameras running, when the official batteries are not manufactured anymore.

Fujifilm Benelux
Fujifilm is one of the only companies that still produces different kinds of (analogue) photo material. www.fujifilm.com

For 15 euro you will get a day of old-fashioned photo fun and your photos sent home shortly after Dutch Design Week. Come and rent your favourite vintage camera!

Rent a Vintage Camera